A Friendly Team Who Get the Job Done in Queensland

Briggs Group has a workplace culture of Customer First and Safety Always and team-oriented, dedicated and positive people.

A Business Built on People

Briggs Groups is a 100% locally owned and operated construction, civil works, and earthmoving business. All of our supplied are locally owned and live and work in the region. We understand the area we live in, with a proven track record in the region and in Townsville, and a full understanding of the unique issues faced in North Queensland.

Striving to Be the Best

The ongoing success and stability of Briggs Group provides opportunities for professional development and career growth, as well as opportunities to work in a variety of areas and locations across Queensland and Australia into the future. Briggs Group has a history of long-term employment and significant training initiatives, as a team focussed on success and the improvement of our staff.

Fully Trained Team

Briggs Group is proud to provide an equal opportunity workplace.
Director, Steven Briggs is at the forefont of our company; overseeing management in the construction, project, and office management sectors.

Assisting the Construction Manager in the responsibility for planning and managing the safe construction, Steven’s responsibilities include overseeing contracts with subcontractors, commissioning and delivery of the project to meet specified contractual requirements and the agreed program. He is responsible for managing all interfaces with our works throughout the duration of the project and will ensure that the Site Management Plan is fully implemented during the construction period. He will also be the first point of contact during the defects liability period.

As the senior point of contact for the client, he will be located both on-site and at the Head Office.


For more on the team and our capabilities, call 0408 984 964

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